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Burson-Marsteller Beijing International Cultural Group strategic partnership

Beijing BoYa International Education

      Boya International Education  www.byie.com.cn   Boya International Education Institute, headquartered in Beijing. Relying on the Beijing deep background and the cultural atmosphere, the spirit of "excellence, integrity, Houde learned self-reliance and innovation" the spirit of. Committed to the integration of educational resources and international advantage formation and joint school running mechanism of famous universities home and abroad, perennial communicate regularly with the domestic and foreign institutions, to research specialist, undergraduate, speech, postgraduates and doctoral students studying abroad education features, in order to promote art education, language and culture education, science and technology education to improve national literacy office a first class education as the goal.

        Bo Ya International Institute of education in art education mainly, opened a nursery, children, adolescents, college entrance examination class class class, adult classes and other types of music, dance, art and cultural courses, according to the characteristics of the students, learning from zero base, intermediate and advanced in different stages of beginning, learning courses for students to tailor, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, teaching step by step. Finally reached the expected goal.

       Boya International Institute of education, education and teaching resources are rich, the teacher structure reasonable, quality excellent, doctoral and master teachers accounted for more than 99.9%, domestic and international teacher educators accounted for more than half of the total teachers. Strong team of teachers is the school to provide a strong guarantee for the children to study.

       At present, Boya International Institute of education is facing new opportunities for development, the teachers and students with a new look, positive enterprising, overcome difficulties, to meet the challenges, advance with the times, and strive to achieve the construction of the international first-class education goal, make greater contribution for the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, Zaizhuhuihuang Boya International Education in new!